State Treasurer Nancy Farmer says she has no regrets about passing up an opportunity to run for re-election in a failed attempt to unseat Senator Bond. In an interview with the Missourinet, Treasurer Nancy Farmer insists there are no regrets clouding her memory of the failed US Senate campaign. She calls the experience of running for Senate remarkable. Farmer says she enjoyed the travel, meeting Missourians and talking to them about their concerns, “Having had the opportunity to run for the United States Senate I think is pretty special.” Farmer gives three main reasons for her defeat: she raised only $4 million and needed $6-to-8 million to have a chance against Senator Bond; the Democratic Presidential ticket of Kerry/Edwards pulled out of Missouri in early October; and a number of Senate seats unexpectedly came open as incumbents decided not to run for re-election, siphoning off cash that could have come to her campaign. Farmer says if John Kerry hadn’t abandoned the state she might have benefited from the free media a visit or two would have generated.