A missing baby ripped from her mother’s womb in northwest Missouri has been found safe in Kansas and is being treated at a hospital. 36-year-old Lisa Montgomery of Melvern, Kansas has been charged with kidnapping resulting the death. Authorities suspect she killed Bobbie Jo Stinnett in her home in Skidmore to steal her baby.”This is a heart-rending case,” US Attorney Todd Graves says. Montgomery could face the death penalty under what is known as the Lindbergh Law.The discovery of Stinnett’s mutilated body sparked a multistate search. Stinnett’s mother found her dead. Stinnett had been 8 months pregnant. She had been strangled. The killer cut her open and removed the unborn child.Authorities allege that Montgomery met Stinnett after contacting Stinnett about a dog she was selling. Stinnett bred rat terriers as a home business. Authorities say Montgomery used an assumed name in on-line chats with Stinnett and got directions to her house.