When Harry Truman returned to Independence after leaving the presidency, he called it being “promoted to private life.” Governor Bob Holden is looking forward to that promotion, with few regrets. He and his family and friends have had more than four months to get ready to move out of the office and the mansion January 10th. There’s been time to look back, to wonder if the results might have been different if some actions had been different. The answer? No. Governor Holden says he has had no second thoughts about the decisions he made on numerous issues during this term. He says, for the most part, he’d make the same ones today. Holden has gotten his driver’s license back – Highway Patrol troopers have driven him around for four years. He and his family have just gotten the keys to the house they’re renting in Jefferosn City at least through the end of the school year. He says he and his family are looking forward to the day when they can go places without a security entourage and his sons are looking forward to just being regular boys again. Holden says he’ll most miss the chance to effect change and he hopes his new job, whatever it turns out to be, lets him work in public policy development.