Former Missouri basketball player Ricky Clemons is in the news again. A federal grand jury in Kansas indicted former Barton County Community College basketball coach Ryan Wolf on 36 counts yesterday. Five of those counts are related to Clemons, who attended the Kansas junior college the summer before enrolling at Mizzou in 2002. Clemons took 24 hours worth of credit over the summer from three different schools to get eligible to play at Mizzou. 12 of those hours came from Barton County. The indictment says Wolf paid for some of Clemons’ classes, had class work done for him and instructed a proctor not supervise Clemons while taking tests, but told the proctor to sign papers which say he did. The indictment also alleges that former Missouri basketball player Randy Pulley was given credit for six hours worth of credit during a three or four day visit to the school in the summer of 2002. He was also told that he didn’t have to attend classes for at least seven of the courses he took. Pulley, who played for Mizzou last season was dismissed mid-way through the 2003-2004 season.