Former Kansas City Royals center fielder Carlos Beltran will make at least $13.5 million a year when he signs on the dotted line this off-season. The Astros have reportedly offered him a deal that would pay him that yearly sum. The question is how high will the bidding go and which team will offer the most. Beltran was traded to the Astros during the 2004 season and was quiet during the regular season. But during the playoffs, Beltran increased his value with an inspired 12 post-season games. In the NLDS and NLCS, Beltran hit .435 with nine home runs, 14 RBI’s, six stolen bases and nine walks along with a couple of defensive gems….If the Cardinals still want to make a trade for pitcher Randy Johnson, the path is more clear now. The Yankees have decided to end trade talks with the Diamondbacks according to the Associated Press. According to an article this morning, the Yankees thought the Diamondbacks were asking too much. The Cardinals getting Randy Johnson would lie heavily in how many of their own free agents they decide to retain. The most costly free agent will likely be shortstop Edgar Renteria. The Cardinals are projecting a payroll of $87-million and $60-million is already committed.