Missouri’s parks get ready for winter, but does not mean that the gates are closed and the facilities are all buttoned up for cold weather. Some facilities are shut down; showers, for instance, and some lodges are not open during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean the parks are shut and no services are available. State Parks Diretor Doug Eiken says almost all state parks are open year-round although some times for the Visitors Centers are limited. Camping facilities are usually open. In fact, he says some of his employees in the past have had to shovel snow out of some roads to get to campers.Eiken says scout groups get a lot of use out of the state parks in the winter, often with programs that earn merit badges. Winter can prove to be a recovery time for some areas that are heavily used in the summer. Parks crews seal off some campgrounds, limiting winter use to areas in better conditions. Winter also gives parks crews time to do maintenance work on buildings; roof and window repairs, and other repairs.