The baby stays in Colorado! The U.S. Supeme Court has refused to consider whether a Colorado couple will have to return their adopted son to his birth mother in Missouri. The Colorado Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the adoptive parents. It struck down a ruling from a Missouri judge who had ordered the child returned to the birth mother, identified only as C.M.C., after she had changed her mind about giving up the youngster. The two parties had reached an adoption agreement in April of 2003, one that would have allowed the birth mother – who lives outside St. Louis – to take back the child, identified as Alex, if the woman changed her mind before the Missouri judge granted final approval to the adoption. The judge refused to grant final approval because the woman would not identify the baby’s father, which is required by law. The birth mother then revoked her consent and the court scrapped the adoption, but the Colorado couple claimed they had the right to keep the baby. Colorado courts agreed.