The Rams were responsible for re-starting the Patriots winning streak as New England crushed the Rams 40-22 at the dome. Kicker Adam Vinatieri kept the Patriots afloat in the first half with four field goals and their only touchdown came after a muffed punt by Shaun McDonald in the first quarter. St. Louis got a defensive touchdown when Damione Lewis hit New England quarterback Tom Brady at the goal-line and forced a fumble. Leonard Little pounced on the ball for the score. In the third quarter the Rams field goal blocking unit was fooled when Vinatieri faked a field goal and passed to Troy Brown to give the Patriots a 26-14 lead in the third quarter. They added another score in the third to make it 33-14. The offensive line had problems all game long despite the Patriots rushing three and four-man fronts. Marc Bulger was sacked five times on Sunday. The Rams are now 4-4 after losing two straight games.