The Missouri Chamber of Commerce has released a study showing trial attorneys are investing millions of dollars in this year’s Missouri election campaigns. According to the study, the lawyers can be expected to put $8.3-Million into campaign coffers, with more than $3.3-Million going to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Claire McCaskill. The Chamber points out the lawyers are making individual contributions to the candidates, as well as contributions to the four Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys political action committees. They are also contributing heavily to so-called “nice named” committees that hide the fact they are what the Chamber calls “shells” for trial attorneys. These include such entities as Safer Families for Missouri, Missourians for Accountability, and Missourians for Common Sense Values. The Chamber claims that while the lawyers are giving money to both Democrats and Republicans, the vast majority of the dollars support Democratic candidates. Republicans have raked in only about 8-percent of the trial attorney money.