The state might be looking at shaming some health care providers into restricting who will and who won’t get a flu shot. The shortage of flu vaccine across the country has prompted the federal government to issue guidelines restricting the flu vaccine to children six months to 23 months old, adults over 65, those people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, and certain health care workers. To help that effort, Governor Bob Holden has issued an executive order urging compliance. He expects most will comply. But Holden says for those who don’t comply, they’re names will somehow be made public, presumably for some type of scorn. C.C. Swarens with the Missouri State Medical Association is not sure how the public would ever find out, and his Association doesn’t plan to turn anyone in.[shame13] :10 “to us” Nonetheless, Swarens also expects most health care providers will comply. He’s more concerned about how the flu shot clinics set up in stores will enforce the federal guidelines.