The two main contenders in the race for Governor have squared off in a debate in Springfield. Republican Secretary of State Matt Blunt and Democratic Auditor Claire McCaskill discussed a wide range of issues, including dealing with frivolous lawsuits. Blunt says Missouri must provide a good environment for medical doctors by dealing with seemingly endless lawsuits filed by trial attorneys. McCaskill agrees there is a problem with sue-happy trial attorneys, and points to the recent recall of the drug Vioxx as an example of how lawyers will get rich and victims will be left out in the cold. McCaskill, like Blunt, supports caps on medical liability damages. But earlier attempts to install caps were struck down by the courts. She wants to come up with a solution that will allow for more mediation, more arbitration, and more sanctions against abusive lawyers. Blunt and McCaskill also discussed access to health care, school funding, and experience for the job.