Democrat Claire McCaskill emphasizes a difference in age and experience in her debate with Republican Matt Blunt. Blunt accuses McCaskill of only considering government experiences as qualifications for Governor. The two have traded accusations during a Kansas City debate sponsored by KMBC-TV, KCPT-TV, KCUR and The Kansas City Star. McCaskill questions Blunt on why, as Secretary of State, he didn’t push through early voting as part of his election reform package. Blunt reminds McCaskill her party controlled the House at the time he pushed through election reform. Blunt is 33. He had been a State Representative for two years, and has been a Secretary of State for four. McCaskill, who is 51, made mention of their ages several times and the difference in their experience. McCaskill has served as a State Representative, the Jackson County Prosecutor and now serves as State Auditor.