The choice voters are facing in the State Treasurer’s race in a couple of weeks is between a banker and an economist. Retired banker Mark Powell, the Democrat, says the Treasurer’s office’s main work is with bankers, so he should be the best choice. Republican Sarah Steelman, a former economist for the State Budget Office, says an economist is better because the Treasurer should make long-term financial analysis. Both say more of Missouri’s money should be taken out of federal securities and put in Missouri banks if it will beused for loans to create jobs. Both say the tuitioin savings program should be broadened to allow more investment opportunities. Powell says a fresh face in Jefferson City could help stop bickering between the Governor and Legislature. But Steelman, a State Senator for six years, says legislatuve experience is important. And she thinks she’s proven that in the legislature. He suggests locaning money local governments when their taxes haven’t come in yet – which Steelman says would create responsibility and political problems. He says the state should be able to invest in venture capital companies that create jobs. She says that’s risky and banks should take that risk with their loans, using state moey – but the banks would be responsible for repaying the state, regardless.