The candidates for Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat have had at it, in Columbia, in their only debate of this campaign. The four contenders for the job – incumbent Republican Senator Christopher Bond, Democrat Nancy Farmer, Libertarian Kevin Tull, and Constitution Party candidate Don Griffin – answered questions on everything from the war in Iraq to policies regarding health care. On the war in Iraq … Bond and Farmer agree the U.S. must do what it takes to win … but they differ on how to achieve that goal. Tull and Griffin think the U.S. shouldn’t be there. On the reimportation of prescription drugs from Canada, Bond is in favor of it … with conditions. He wants to make sure the drugs are safe for American consumers. Farmer says let’s open the border, pointing out the drugs are from the U.S. originally and are simply being brought back. Tull and Griffin agree … with each other. They don’t think the government should be involved in prescription drugs … or health care … or much else, for that matter.