The wait continues for the MU basketball team. The NCAA still hasn’t handed out its final decision regarding the investigation into the Tigers’ program. Members of the university and the NCAA met in Seattle in August to air any objections MU had with the investigation which, among other things, accused former assistant coach Tony Harvey of giving $250 to former player Ricky Clemons. After the meetings ended on August 15, a final punishment, if any, would be handed down within 6-8 weeks. The six-week mark was reached on Monday, which means a decision should be expected by October 11. However, MU director of athletics Mike Alden said it might take even longer than that because the NCAA has a number of other issues they’re dealing with at this time. “It wouldn’t surprise us, if in fact, we didn’t have complete closure to this until after that eight-week deadline only because they’re so far behind.” The Athletic Department has already placed the basketball program and head coach Quin Snyder on two-year probation. Snyder will not be allowed to re-structure his contract or be eligible for a raise during the period. It includes a loss of scholarship, recruiting restrictions and other punishments, but does not include a post-season or TV ban.