A year ago, Governor Bob Holden was pursuing a second term as governor and legislative Republicans handed him some major black eyes with three overrides of bills he vetoed. This year, he’s out of the race and things appear calmer at the Capitol. There seems to be only one vetoed bill this year that could be overriden. Senate leader Peter Kinder says he’s still counting the votes to see if the homebuilders lawsuit bill has enough support. In May, it passed by what would normally be wide enough margins to override the Governor’s veto. Governor Holden stands by his decision to turn back the measure. Kinder says the fact that Holden won’t be in the November general election plays no part in his decision not to pursue more veto overrides compared to the three unprecedented successful veto overrides a year ago. Holden and Kinder agree there doesn’t seem to be any traction for a special session to run with the veto session.