It’s the season for motorists to be watchful – for four-footed fellow travelers on the roads. Deer will be increasingly mobile in the next few months. Breeding season is getitng close. The first deer hunting season begins next Wednesday when archers can head to the woods. Moving deer and moving vehicles sometimes get together – More than 9,100 times in Missouri last year. The state averages four or five fatalities a year and about 280 injuries. The Conservation Department’s Lonnie Hanson says the Department would love to find a way to keep deer off the roads. Some motorists stick little whistles on their front bumpers, supposedly creating a sound that keep deer from runing out on the road. Hanson says the Department finds no value in them. He says the key is for motorists to be watchful and if they see a deer in the road, hit it. Hanson says its much more dangerous to the motorist – and other motorists on the road – to try to swerve and avoid a collision.