Thousands of people turned out at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia for a rally wrapping up President Bush’s 24 hour swing through Missouri. But thousands more were stuck on the outside looking in. Maybe it was a case of poor traffic control … perhaps it was a situation in which a bigger than expected crowd turned out. Whatever the reason, thousands of Bush supporters missed the rally because they were stuck in a huge traffic jam on the highway near the Boone County Fairgrounds. Rebecca Kinchelow of Columbia had hoped to cheer on the President. But was disappointed that she couldn’t get in. Cindy Kennedy of Columbia thought she had left for the Fairgrounds early enough, but she was wrong. Some people who gave up on getting to the rally by car pulled off the road and parked along the side of the highway. Even though they weren’t blocking traffic, police called towing companies to remove the cars. Despite the disappointment, those on the outside looking in say they remain big supporters of the President and pray for him every day.