Orlando Pace worked out with the Rams for the first time this year on Monday, after signing a one year tender sheet for just over $7-million on Sunday. Pace is the team’s franchise player and couldn’t come to a long-term contract agreement with the team. As the designated franchise player, he is entitled to the average salary of the top three players at his position, though some may argue that’s still a step down if you consider him the best left tackle in the league. Opinions aside, Pace suited up after skipping all mini-camps, training camp and all four pre-season games. He will start on Sunday according to head coach Mike Martz. But will he be ready physically? Martz said on Monday that Pace is 16 pounds lighter than he was when he agreed to his first one-year franchise player deal in 2003. Will one week be enough for him to get ready mentally? Martz said yesterday, “I think it is, yeah…we’ve been doing the same thing all these years. It hasn’t changed. So it’s not like he just got here and is learning the offense.”