Most of the Missouri delegates to the Republican National Convention in New York arrived over the weekend prior to the start of the event so they would be ready for the start of business. But, one of the delegates – a Congressman – got into town late … because of his growing concern. Just days before the start of the Convention, a strong windstorm blew through southeast Missouri, knocking down crops. Northeast Missouri Congressman Kenny Hulshof, whose family farming business is in the Bootheel, decided to put his trip to New York City on hold so he could deal with the damage to the corn crop. Hulshof says a substantial amount of that crop – half his 375 acres – was affected by the storm. Hulshof’s wife and family got into New York in time for the start of the Convention. The Congressman arrived Tuesday night. Dealing with a crisis or enjoying the bright lights of New York. Hulshof says it was an easy choice between keeping the family business profitable or seeing it go into the red.