Some of Missouri’s delegates to this four day gathering are spending the weekend here in New York, doing some shopping, taking in a play or two … basically just enjoying the Big Apple. Most though, are headed home to the Show-Me State, ready to do a lot of hard work in the weeks remaining before the November election. An issue facing many of the Republicans at this convention was the emergence of many so-called liberal Republicans to positions of prominence in the party. People like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were some of the brightest stars of the convention. Their views on such things as abortion differ from those of many Republicans. But that doesn’t bother delegate David Duncan of Mound City, who describes himself as moderate to conservative. He says there’s plenty of room in the GOP for differences of oponion. The same goes for delegate George Engelbach of Hillsboro, a former State Representative who’s proud to be a conservative. He embraces the Republican Party’s new “big tent” philosophy. Engelbach points out, however, that he would not support a pro-choice candidate for President in a Republican primary … but would support one in a general election, unless a pro-life Democrat were to win that party’s nomination. Engelbach doesn’t expect that to happen.