The throngs of Republicans that crowded Manhattan streets over the last week are either on their way home or will soon be headed out of the the Big Apple. Many of those Republicans are taking home a lot of souvenirs from this four day event. And, Missourians are no exception. Kelly Young operated the souvenir stand in the hotel in which Missouri’s delegation was housed. She says sales were brisk … but one particular sale stands out. That sale totalled one-thousand dollars! One of the many Missourians buying souvenirs was Pat Thomas, a delegate from Mexico. She figures the delegates and alternates pay a lot of money to come here, but they get a break because most of the meals are paid for by corporations and the like. So, she figures, why not spend a few bucks for the folks back home? The biggest mover of the week: those political buttons that are inexpensive and easy to bring back home.