A company that is accused of bid-rigging a road project in Missouri is being barred, for the time being, from doing future business with the state. But it still has dozens of projects underway in the state with millions of dollars still to be paid and no plans to review the process that brought them what could turn out to be illegally bid contracts. APAC-Missouri is accused by federal prosecutors of conspiring with another company to rig the bid on a project in Eastern Missouri. Both the state and federal highway departments now ban the company from bidding on future contracts in the state. MODOT spokesman Jeff Briggs says this is a major contractor in this state. In fact, Briggs says about $200-Million worth of contracts have been let with APAC-Missouri over the past few years. And many of those contracts will have to honored with millions of dollars still to be paid. Despite the questions these indictments might bring to other APAC-Missouri work, there are no plans to review those contracts already let.