The Kansas City Chiefs traded a seventh-round pick in next year’s draft to the Houston Texans for punter Steve Cheek. He had a net average of 38.9 yards in 11 punts this pre-season and was going to be cut by the Texans. Jason Baker, who may be on the chopping block, now, averaged 34.4 yards per punt. Dick Vermeil will give Cheek plenty of chances to prove himself tonight as the Chiefs take on the Cowboys in their final pre-season game. Vermeil understands that being a punter means playing a position with little room for error, “You’re only one deep…there’s only one guy that can do it, and you better do it. That’s the only reason you’re here and if you don’t, you’re not here.” To make room for Cheek, the Chiefs had to put wide receiver Marc Boerigter on injured reserve. Cheek tried out for 49ers in 2001, the Giants in 2002 and the Eagles in 2003 and was cut by all three teams.