One of the major purposes of any political convention is to rally the party faithful … get the troops ready for the big battle that lies ahead. This Republican Convention is no different. And the effort seems to be working. Republicans from all over the country are feeling good about themselves and their chances. And, Missouri Republicans are feeling the good vibes right along with their colleagues in other states. One of the reasons for the good feeling from the Show-Me State delegation is a number of polls and a general perception that President Bush is pulling ahead of Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry. Southwest Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt, the Republican Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, tells reporters things are looking so good the Democrats are thinking of spending their campaign cash elsewhere. He says Missourians and other Americans are realizing President Bush and the Republicans are best suited to deal with the issue of national security … and domestic concerns at home. Blunt cautions nothing is being taken for granted … but he’s feeling good about things.