Missouri’s senior U.S. Senator is running for his fourth term on Capitol Hill … and he was given a few minutes to address the party faithful gathered in Madison Square Garden. While he’s busy campaigning on his own, Bond used his time to criticize Democrats for leveling accusations at the Bush Administration. Later, while talking to reporters, Bond spoke of his own election contest and some of his accomplishments during many years of public service. He’s particularly happy with his record as Governor of Missouri. Of course, 18 years in the U.S. Senate have seen Bond leave his mark there, as well. Bond says that while it’s good to look back on accomplishments there is still much to do in the remaining Senate session. He has five bills before the chamber that he’d like to see passed and sent to the President. They include the VA-HUD appropriations bill, the intelligence bill, and Highway Bill. He concedes it’s a daunting task to try to complete all those pieces of legislation before Congress wraps up for the year.