It’s a time for Republicans from all over the country to gather to give a boost to their presidential candidate heading into the general election. But this year’s GOP convention is not being staged in what many would call friendly territory. New York City has been called, by some, the hometown of liberalism. And, a huge demonstration on the eve of the convention gave an indication of just how unwelcome Republicans are in the eyes of some people. Delegate Darrell Proctor of Springfield says the party faithful shouldn’t be fazed by the 250,000 people or so who took to the streets. He thinks many are malcontents who would criticize anybody in power. Then, there’s the fear factor. Police, security, and bomb sniffing dogs are posted at locations all over New York City. Delegate Jo Keatley of Kansas City says she feels very safe with all the security and isn’t worried about possible acts of terrorism. All Missouri delegates are looking forward to President Bush’s address on Thursday – something they hope will serve as a springboard to victory in November.