I did an interview, last night, with Ann Wagner, the Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee. We did the interview in a car while heading to an event with former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. On the way, Ann asked me whether I had ever met Mr. Newt before and I told her I had back when I worked in Washington. Still, it was good to see the father of the 1994 Republican Revolution and chat with him for a couple of minutes. He says Hi to all the folks back in Missouri. Okay, I’m making that part up. But it was good to see someone I had covered back in my former life as a journalist in Washington. I thought about telling him a joke or two … but then realized … he’s not really that funny a guy.

Moving on, I was up early this morning for a stroll through the streets of Midtown Manhattan. Cops here, cops there, cops everywhere. Then there were the people sleeping in the doorsteps, smelling of urine. God, how I miss New York!

Today’s a big one for Missouri as Senator Kit Bond and Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway address the convention. Both have promised their words will be thoughtful and inspiring. Off to Madison Square Garden.