The Missouri Tiger football team held their final pre-season scrimmage on Thursday, but that didn’t mean much to quarterback Brad Smith. The pre-season Heisman Trophy candidate had just five reps on Thursday, as head coach Gary Pinkle opted to let sophomore Brandon Coleman and freshman Chase Patton take most of the snaps. The two are battling for the No. 2 quarterback spot, but Coleman, who completed more passes, appeared to have the upper hand Thursday. Patton was picked off twice, though neither came away with touchdown passes. Pinkle, who hasn’t decided who the second-string quarterback will be, said, “That was good for them. It’s a good experience…You always think you get better if you make great plays, but a lot of times you get better by just, I call it ‘getting dirty’ as a quarterback. You’ve got an offensive line that might not be protecting for you and you’ve got to be able to make good decisions with the football.” Pinkle said the depth chart for the season opener against Arkansas St. will be ready by Monday.