The head of the State Agriculture Department calls this summer “amazing” for farmers. But it’s not all green. Agriculture Director Peter Hofher says this summer could rank as one of the top ten wettest and coolest summers on record. He says that’s a great combination that could produce record harvest in all categories, except for cotton. He says this year’s crops might be even better than those in the landmark year of 1992. He says things even look good for northwest Missouri, which has been in a drought for more than two years. But there’s a downside to all this good growing weather. He says some soybeans are getting hit with a sudden death syndrome. He says north central and north Missouri’s yields are being affected – but he expects to see record yeilds in almost every category. Hofher would like to see some drying now as the state heads into the start of harvest season. Regardles,s he says, some farmers who’ve been suffering for the last few years will get well this year.