A Missourian calls his opportunity to go to Greece for the Olympics the opportunity of a lifetime. Andy Taylor doesn’t bring athletic skills to the games, he brings his voice. The morning man at Missourinet affiliate KTTS in Springfield is one of the announcers introducing the tennis players and giving biographical information about those players as they walk onto Court One at Athens. Taylor says his Olympic journey began a couple of years ago when he got a gig announcing at a Federation Cup match between the US and Israel in Springfield a couple of years ago. From there, he says it grew into even bigger tennis announcing jobs, such as the US Open in New York. Taylor says he’s lucky to be able to take this opportunity of a lifetime, but he says it’s not all fun and games. Pronouncing Russian and Eastern European athetes’ names and trying to put together information sometimes on short notice can make for some stressful moments, moments he wouldn’t trade for the world. He says listen for him this weekend during the medal matches in tennis.