One strategy Democrats are using in the campaign for governor is to attack Matt Blunt’s record as Secretary of State. The battleground often has been litigation. State Democratic Party spokesman Steve Glorioso criticizes Matt Blunt’s insistence the provisional ballots cast at the wrong precincts in Kansas City during the Primary shouldn’t be counted. He charges Blunt is attempting to keep people from voting. A provisional ballot is cast when the voter’s eligibility is in question. It is counted only if eligibility is verified. Glorioso claims Blunt’s stance violates federal law. Democrats have filed suit. It has been transferred from the federal court in Kansas City to one in Springfield, before US District Court Judge Richard Dorr. Democrats have tried to undermine Blunt’s portrayal of himself as a champion of election reform. Blunt raises his own questions about the timing of the latest lawsuit, saying it has the potential of creating chaos for the November elections. Blunt says the lawsuit has delayed certification of the Primary Election results, which has to be completed before absentee ballots can be printed and distributed. Blunt insists provisional ballots cast at the wrong precincts should not be counted. Blunt says he’s confident he will win the lawsuit, saying the law is on his side.