River Falls, Wis.—Few people will ever meet the president of the United States and even fewer will ever play catch with him. Today, Trent Green can say he’s done both. The Chiefs’ quarterback and the Commander in Chief tossed a football back and forth as a part of George W. Bush’s visit to the Chiefs’ training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin Wednesday. Bush was between speaking appearances in St. Paul, Minnesota and Hudson Wisconsin. Green was honored by the visit, saying “He’s obviously on the campaign trail and for him to take time out and say hello and visit with us is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” The president greeted with players and staff and posed for pictures for about a half hour before leaving. Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson said that he and head coach Dick Vermeil have no political reservations about Bush’s appearance, saying “Both Dick and I have campaigned for the president so we knew him a little bit…he’s a very, very special guy.” For running back Priest Holmes, the visit was special for another reason. His father is currently serving in Iraq. Holmes said, “I got to speak to him on my father’s behalf and he’s going to be really excited if he gets word that I was out here and had a chance to meet the president”. The players were given the choice of attending, but not all took advantage. One player said he’d go if former president Bill Clinton were visiting.