A legal battle over ballots cast in the Primary Election has been transferred from Kansas City to Springfield and the Secretary of State’s office isn’t happy. The argument is about whether provisional ballots cast by voters at the wrong precinct should be counted. Voters whose eligibility is in question are given provisional ballots that can be counted only after eligibility has been verified. Most of the 859 provisional ballots cast in Missouri August 3rd were cast in Kansas City. Federal District Judge Scott Wright had set a hearing for Wednesday in Kansas City, with a September 3rd deadline for lawyers to file papers in the case. But the case now has been transferred to Federal District Judge Richard Dorr in Springfield. A law clerk for Dorr says the judge has not set any hearings as of yet.The Secretary of State’s office complains Democrats have delayed the process by filing the lawsuit, which will make it difficult to get absentee ballots ready in time for the November election. Democrats contend state election law is in violation of federal law which would allow ballots cast by registered voters to be counted, even if cast at the wrong precinct.