A judge puts last week’s primary election results in limbo over the issue of provisional voting. A federal judge has honored the State Democratic Party’s wishes and put a temporary restraining order on the certification of last week’s statewide primary results until the question of counting provisional ballots is resolved. Spence Jackson, a spokesman for the Secretary of State, says he’s not sure why this happened since both sides agree it won’t change any of the results. But State Democratic Party spokesman Jim Gardner says this is to make sure things are done right down the road when the stakes are even higher. Gardner denies this is a Democrat attempt to give Republican Secretary of State Matt Blunt, who is running for Governor, a black eye. Jackson says he now worries this will delay absentee ballots from going out in time and keep military voters overseas from voting in the general election as it did in a few cases for the August primary. The judge will hold a hearing on August 18th.