Key operatives from the McCaskill and Blunt for Governor campaigns lay out their strategy of how they’ll run their operations for the next 12 and a half weeks leading up to the November election. Glenn Campbell with McCaskill for Governor says the campaign will focus on making sure that a high priority is made out of the voters in outstate Missouri, an area that has been most recently a stronghold for the rival Republicans. But John Hancock with the Blunt for Governor campaign says Republicans will focus on countering that message by pointing out how much McCaskill agreed with the defeated Governor Bob Holden. Hancock says Blunt’s campaign will also point out how McCaskill is out of step with the social feelings of most Missourians, most notably with her being on the losing side the gambling and same sex marriage ban amendments. Campbell says that’s fine if Republicans want to talk about the past, McCaskill will focus on issues that matter now. Both men do agree there’s a lot of work ahead.