State Auditor Claire McCaskill has had a chance to break bread with the man she defeated in the Democratic contest for Governor. And, she’s ready to lead a unified Democratic Party into the November election. A breakfast meeting to discuss the recent campaign and the new focus on November has McCaskill believing Governor Holden will be there to lend a helping hand. McCaskill acknowledges this is a difficult time for the Governor, adding he has pledged to do what he can to help her defeat Republican Matt Blunt in the race for the Governor’s office. As for any bad blood between the Holden and McCaskill forces … McCaskill says that’s all in the past … and there’s no hatchet that has to be buried. McCaskill hopes to see some of the members of Holden’s campaign staff apply for positions on her team. As for changes in the Democratic Party as a result of the McCaskill win … she says we will see some changes. The new Executive Director will be Corey Dillon, who has worked as a legislative liason in the Auditor’s office. She’ll replace Mike Kelley, who has filled the post on an interim basis since replacing Jim Kottmeyer.