A naitonal survey saying Missouri teachers are paid well under the national average might be an issue without a solution. The American Federation of Teachers ranks Missouri 43rd in average teacher salary among the 50 states. Missouri’s average teacher salary is $37,641, $9,000 less than the national average. The average salary in Missouri has gone up about $800 a year for the last five years, but the state still lags behind, because other states also have moved to raise teacher salaries. State education officials say that makes it hard for the state to move up the rankings. Missouri’s figures do not include additional pay given teachers who are sponsors of extracurricular activities. The state education department says that would add about $1,600 to the average salary. And those officials also say other states might be counting extra pay in their figures. Missouri has a law setting a minimum teacher salary of $18,000 a year. The minimum for teachers who have master’s degrees and have 10 years of experience is $24,000.