Most Missouri voters probably know two of the names they’ll see at the top of November’s presidential ballot – President Bush for the Republicans and Senator John Kerry for the Democrats. But there will be a third person on that ballot. Come November, you’ll see Michael Badnarik’s name on your ballot. He’s the Libertarian Party Candidate for President. A visit to Missouri has given Badnarik a chance to talk up the Libertarian Party platform, which includes opposition to the war in Iraq, support for abortion rights – provided taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill, a belief in lower taxes, and an overall respect for individual rights and liberties with less government intrusion in people’s lives. Badnarik says his visit to Missouri has him believing the Libertarians are making inroads in this state. In a so-called battleground state like Missouri, Badnarik hopes to win enough votes to influence the outcome of what’s expected to be a very close election.