Mass transit in Missouri is a money-losing proposition facing higher demands and a blurred future. But a joint legislative committee is looking for solutions to the problems that exist. Mass transit is more than city bus lines. It’s the OATS buses and other senior citizen transportation services, some sheltered workshop bus operations, passenger trains, and other services. But state support for mass transit has been cut by 40 percent in recent years. The State Transportation Department’s Bryan Weiler says fares pay only about 20 percent of the costs of mass transit opeartions. State and local subsidies make up much of the rest. He adds security is an issue. He says it’s impossible to put metal detectors on each bus or train car. He says MoDOT does security assessments for public transit operations and makes recommendations, but has no money to help pay for its recommendations. He says the state cannot afford major improvements – it can only afford to do what he calls “common sense stuff.”