If the NCAA agrees with the University of Missouri, the only obstacle between the Tigers and the NCAA Basketball Tournament will be their record. In its response to the NCAA’s investigation, MU has placed head coach Quin Snyder on a two-year probation, which will freeze his base salary of $185,000. The probation will also prohibit him receiving any contract re-negotiations and he has been banned from doing any off-campus recruiting for one week in July. In addition, the basketball team will forfeit one scholarship in the 2005-2006 season. However, the University of Missouri did not ban itself from post-season play. That punishment would have to come from the NCAA, which will meet with Mizzou officials on August 12-13, then render its final decision six to eight weeks later. Recruits will not be allowed to stay in Snyder’s home when making official visits and recruits will be limited to just one unofficial visit per year. The University also denied the allegation that former associate head coach Tony Harvey gave former player Ricky Clemons $250. In the report Harvey said they despised one another. That is the only allegation that would be considered major.

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