Missouri’s top man on military matters before Congress sees the transfer of the government in Iraq from Americans to Iraqis as a positive sign, but he still worries about U.S. troops there. U.S. officials surprised just about everyone when they moved up the transfer of power in Iraq by a couple of days. West Central Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee was surprised by the transfer. He says it’s a good move, and he’s glad to see the Iraqis taking over. However, Skelton says he still has concerns that the violence against U.S. troops will continue as they stay in the country for the forseeable future – probably over the next few years. Skelton says he’s encouraged by the recent decision by NATO to help train Iraqi security forces, but he says more soldiers from other nations are desparately needed on the ground in Iraq to help with the security situation.