Missouri has a new computerized system to help people find jobs. For about ten years the Economic Development Department has had Missouriworks.com, but it’s gotten old, and using it is a ponderous process. Now there’s GreatHires.org. People go in, answer fewer than a half-dozen questions, and wait for the computer to find a match. Department spokesman Kristie Jamison says it’s free; it operates 24 hours a day; is accessible from home or from service agencies throughout the state. And if a person can’t find a job here, there’s always another state. The database is searchable for location, salary, job title – things like that. Jamison says it’s one of the most comprehensive state-run job search operations in the country. There are no guarantees, of course, but the Department says it’s an important tool for mathing openings with the people to fill them.

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