The St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner seemed to be a match made in heaven. His improbable rise from grocery store stocker to two-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion proved everyone wrong. Two years ago the thought of Kurt Warner being cut by the only team to give him a chance seemed as improbable the odds he beat to get there. On Tuesday the Rams cut Warner and on Thursday, he was signed by the Giants and even practiced before his 12:30 press conference. Warner comes to the team with a 97.2 quarterback rating, which is the best in the history of the NFL. Warner didn’t use his press conference to bash his old team, even going so far as to calling his six seasons with the Rams as the best years of his life. The question is will he find himself in a similar situation that led to departure. Few expect Warner to be the Giants quarterback for more than a season or two—the Giants traded for number-one draft pick Eli Manning and he is expected by many to be the quarterback of the future in New York. Warner has agreed to a two-year deal, which will pay him a $3-million base salary and he could earn almost another million with performance-based incentives.