It has become a waiting game for both the Secretary of State and the Attorney General as the State Supreme Court considers whether to get involved in the question of when Missouri voters will decide the same-sex marriage ban. No word from the State Supreme Court yet as it considers a request by the Attorney General to hear its appeal of the Western District Court of Kansas City ruling. The appellate court refused to order the Secretary of State to place the same-sex marriage ban on the August ballot, upholding a Cole County Circuit Court ruling. Tuesday is the deadline to put issues on the August ballot. Secretary of State spokesman Spence Jackson says his office isn’t nervous as it waits for a final determination on the ballot. Republican legislative leaders want the issue on the November ballot and have declined to sign the measure. Political observers say they hope to drive conservatives to the polls for the general election. Governor Bob Holden wants the issue on the August ballot, presumably to thwart the strategy. The Secretary of State says he can’t move forward on assigning the issue to a ballot until he has the official document.