A judge in Jefferson City should rule today whether the governor has the right to place the same-sex marriage ban on the August ballot and that ruling is sure to not be the last word on the matter. Governor Holden has issued a proclamation that the same-sex marriage ban go before voters in August. Legislative leaders say he can’t, because they haven’t signed the resolution and sent it to the Secretary of State. The Attorney General has asked Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan to order the Secretary of State to comply with the governor’s request. During the court hearing Thursday afternoon, Callahan asks Secretary of State legal counsel Terry Jarrett whether his office has received the resolution. Jarrett responded that it had received a copy of the resolution, but not the official resolution. He contended the Secretary of State can’t move forward without that document. Assistant Attorney General Paul Wilson argued legislative leaders cannot block the governor simply by refusing to sign the resolution bill in time for it to make the May 25th deadline for issues to be placed on the August primary ballot. The clock is ticking. A ruling today could spark a rush to get it before the State Supreme Court on Monday.