Governor Holden is calling for the same-sex marriage ban to be placed on the August third primary ballot, but Secretary of State Matt Blunt says me can’t begin the process until he receives a signed copy of the resolution. The House of Representatives passed the Senate Joint Resolution on the last day of the session. Senate President Peter Kinder (R-Cape Girardeau) says he doesn’t plan to sign it and deliver it to the Secretary of State until Friday, the 28th. That would be three days after the deadline to place issues on the August ballot. The measure calls for a November vote, unless the governor chooses another date. Holden’s legal counsel, David Cosgrove, argues the resolution doesn’t need Kinder’s signature to be considered official and that the Secretary of State only needs the notification sent him by Governor Holden to proceed with the steps necessary to get the issue placed on the August ballot. Cosgrove says the measure is considered officially done by the legislature when it is entered into the official Senate and House Journals, which have been printed. Cosgrove expects the State Supreme Court could end up deciding the issue.