It appears there won’t be any mad dash to get done all the things that need to be done to put the same-sex marriage ban constitutional amendment on the August third primary ballot. Senate President Pro-Tem Peter Kinder (R-Cape Girardeau) tells the Missourinet he won’t be signing the bill until May 28th, three days after the deadline to get a series of events done to put it on the August ballot. Kinder denies there’s any motivation to help himself and other Republicans in the general election. Kinder wants to be Lieutenant Governor, House Speaker Catherine Hanaway (R-Warson Woods) is vying for Secretary of State. And Secretary of State Matt Blunt is running for governor. It is believed the measure will bring more conservative Republican voters to the polls in November. Kinder says he and Hanaway will be at the Capitol tomorrow for a technical session to sign bills, but that the constitutional amendment will not be among them. He says he plans to sign that bill May 28th, during a second technical session. The proposed amendment would be on the November ballot unless Governor Holden places it on another ballot. The governor must first make the request. The State Auditor then must prepare a fiscal note. The Attorney General must approve the ballot language and all 116 local election authorities in the state must be notified. All the offices involved have indicated they could get everything done in time, if pressed.