The Legislature moves closer to plugging a loophole in the law that lets people get away with some kidnappings of children. The proposed law is born out of the abduction of a child in Cole Camp earlier this year by a woman from Kansas City. When the prosecutor tried to file charges, he found the present law did not cover the specifics of that particular crime. The Senate has approved a plan saying it’s illegal to kidnap or confine a child younger than 14 without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian. Supporter Matt Bartle of Lee’s Summit says it’s hard to file kidnapping charges under present law if there is no intent to harm the child. Bartle calls the present situation a “crazy loophole” in the law. Sponsor Delbert Scott of Lowry City says the state needs to send a message that kidnapping a child is the most serious kind of felony. The Senate has sent the bill back to the House, which is being asked to approve some senate changes.