Most taxpayers are probably aware that Thursday is the deadline to file income tax returns. But Thursday brings a deadline of another kind for some Missourians. Many lower income taxpayers are entitled to the Earned Income Tax Credit, which could be worth as much as $4,200 a year. Kris Moore, Missouri spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service, says there’s a three year statute of limitations on filing for the Credit, meaning this Thursday is the deadline for those who haven’t filed for the 2001 tax year. It’s not that they did anything illegal by not filing because they were not required to file, based on the amount of income they earned. As many as 20 percent of eligible Missourians fail to claim the credit and receive the money they’re entitled to get. That works out to about 86,000 taxpayers who are owed about $75-Million. Information on eligibility can be obtained on the IRS web site or by calling 1-800-829-1040.